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Top 7 things not to do when renting a car

Renting a car gives you a huge advantage over waiting for public transportation or paying for a taxi. When renting a rude it’s important you grasp the full details regarding the rental agreement. You should definitely do your research and ask plenty of questions so that you know exactly what you are paying for in your rental car. You should know the outs of renting a car to avoid the hidden fees often charged by rental agencies.

1)     Failing to check for a place to refuel on your way back

Immediately after you pick the car you should find a place to refuel it. As you drive away from the rental agencies you should take not note of the local gas stations and make a plan to return to the cheapest at the end of your rental. A new environment can be confusing and unfamiliar so you should do your search when you not pressed for time.

2)     Ignoring potential offers for upgrades

Reserving a low-priced car is recommended since it easier for you to inquire about upgrades at the rental desk. It works best during busy seasons when the garage is running low of cheapest vehicles. They may offer you a very affordable upgrade to a larger car class due to inventory management issues. If the desk agent asks you if you interested in a larger tell them it depends on the price. They might give you a bigger car and a minimal additional cost. This will make your trip more exciting and memorable since big cars tend to do well even in the most horrible weather roads.

3)     Failing to inspect the car

Before signing the rental contract you should inspect the car thoroughly. This will prevent you from being held accountable for existing damage. If you spot any dent or scratch you should have an employee sign off on them. Many people ignore the signing of inspection form offered by rental companies claiming to be in a hurry. It’s important to take this step seriously since it saves you from an extra fee charged.

4)     Failing to return on time

Bringing your car back ahead of time or later than agreed upon it may cost you additional fees. It’s important to ask for the company policy if you anticipate a change in drop-off time. You shouldn’t wait until it’s too late to avoid regrets.

5)     Leaving final inspection to chance

With technology advancing each day the procedure of returning cars now resembles checking out of a hotel. With hotels, you normally leave your keycard on the night table and leave with only a wave to the front desk. Most car rental agencies have taken a similar path. You only follow signs leading you to the back of a row with recently returned cars, take off your staff, leave the key in the car and walk away without talking to anyone. This feels unsettling since anything can happen for leaving the car without any checking. It’s advisable to take a photo or a video of a slow walk around the car to avoid incurring any extra fees after the car is inspected.

6)     Including additional names in the contract

If you need someone else to drive during your trip, you’ve got to pay more. You will need to include the additional name on your rental contract thus increasing the cost. When choosing the driver age is the main factor since drivers aged 21-25 years tend to be expensive. The important thing to do is to minimize the number of drivers so as to avoid extra fees.

7)     Failing to review your car insurance

Rental car insurance doesn’t safeguard rented vehicles in the event an accident happens. Consult your agent before you accept the insurance option offered by the rental agent. If you already have the coverage on your personal car there are high chances that it transfers to any rental cars thus avoiding much hustle.


Bring your own accessories and save big. If you need a child seat or a GPS system you should pack them together with your traveling extras. Many rental companies are offering new car refueling option. Unless you running out of time or you completely sure you will return the tank empty you shouldn’t opt for this one. Their cost of refueling your car is always higher the cost of doing it yourself. You manage your time well in order to do everything before your next appointment or flight.

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