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Top six decisions every entrepreneur must face

Once you choose to become an entrepreneur you should have your mind set to deal with any situation. You should accept that you have to make some really tough decision down the road. These decisions can cause you sleepless nights but its all part of being a company owner. Many of these decisions will have a small impact on your business success. But some can have an enormous impact so it’s good to consider these decisions ahead of time to at least prepare yourself mentally to handle them when they arise in your company. Here are six decisions every entrepreneur should be prepared to face.

Whether to expand or keep the status quo

Keeping a small business feels manageable since you are able to oversee most of the day-to-day operations. Sometimes the temptation for business expansion can be very strong due to the potential of something new and exciting. The strategic decision to expand your business is one of the biggest decisions most entrepreneur faces and should not be taken lightly. If you decide to expand your business you should have the proper systems and processes in place to successfully manage the growth.

Product or service pricing

How you price your products will position you against certain competitors in the marketplace. This makes it really difficult for entrepreneurs to determine their “sweet spot” in terms of pricing. Always understand what you can afford to charge and what your target market is willing to pay to avoid losses. These hard decisions come with a certain amount of risks so entrepreneur should take their decision-making process very serious.

How to deal with difficult employees

Employees always cause problems in the workplace. The first time any problem occurs in a company it can be very hard to deal with it but your resolve it by talking with the offender or taking minor action. If either of this fails to work you may terminate the employee which is not an easy decision to make. Once you fire an employee you need to understand that some of his responsibilities in the company will be on you as the owner. This is not fun at all.

Whether to say goodbye to unprofessional clients

Is it really worth the headache of working with rude or unprofessional clients? There are many businesses that are very strict when a client violates their policy they cease working with them. It’s very hard to voluntarily say goodbye to a client who has been investing a lot into your small business. You should always consider what it will cost your business if you keep a difficult or rude client for the long run.

Whether to turn your idea into reality

The enormous decision upon which all other decisions rest is whether to start your business. This may mean scaling back at work to pursue your dream. You may sacrifice your dependable full-time income for you to achieve your big goal. It’s difficult for any entrepreneur to decide on which idea is being turned into a business. All entrepreneurs should always take any decision- making the process very serious.

Whether to give up

Thoughts of giving up cross every entrepreneur’s mind more than once. Life is not a bed of roses meaning there are times when giving up are your best option. Persistence is the greatest point for you to gather more courage to keep going. If you strong not give up you may find your big success is right around the corner.


It’s important to maintain unwavering faith for you to prevail in the end regardless of the difficulties. Being an entrepreneur always means making hard decisions as your business grows. Each decision made comes with a certain amount of risk but entrepreneurs do not let it impede their growth.